The Bavaria State Forest Enterprise

Banner of the Bavaria State Forest Enterprise

We have been thinking a bit differently about many things since 2005. With the establishment of the Bavaria State Forest Enterprise as a public institution, we have followed the path from an administration to a business enterprise. We define business through change, innovation and dynamic work. 

The sole administration of forests is no longer what we focus on, but rather their management as a business. Firmly grounded in the principle of sustainability; which  means on the one hand that we do not reap more than what will grow again and on the other hand, to put it simply, the forest must bring in profits for long term conservation for humans and animals. For the Bavaria State Forest Enterprise, economic viability covers many things: It includes the ant beetle, when it helps eliminate the bark beetle, just as much as it includes the introduction of a new and more rational technology for measuring logs. 

The head office is located in Regensburg with different national service facilities and 41 regional forest enterprises which are committed to the Bavarian state forest.